Hooked on Green® October Tip

During these trying times we look for ways to maintain our health by staying active. Unfortunately, many gyms are not open and if they are, there are occupancy restrictions.

So, what does this have to do with being environmentally green? Well, you could stay in your home and watch TV, surf the web, and/or exercise indoor on machines, which all consume energy: lights, air conditioning, radio, and perhaps your exercise equipment.

However, if the weather is decent, how about a good old fashion walk, maybe with your pet, a hike, a run around the neighborhood, a bike ride, jump rope in the backyard, or lift some weights if you have some.

Go and discover something new outdoor and take a picture. Being outside breathing some fresh air and getting sunlight is good for your health, mentally and physically.

A great green fitness exercise is work! Clean your yard, gardening, DIY projects for your home, go to the beach/lake and pickup some trash around the shore, or volunteer to help an organization that could use your skillset if you are handy with a skill; not only will you feel good physically, you will feel good knowing you did something good for someone.

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