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Your business is your baby, from conception you watch it grow, crawl, fall, and celebrate when the first steps are taken. As a child, your business needs attention. Your main goal is to raise a successful child that is independent and self-sufficient, same goes for your business. One main factor in raising your child is to make a great impression because we all know first impressions are critical. So, we dress them the best we can and teach them how to carry themselves. Should we not do the same with our business? Absolutely we should and how do we do that? Style and Design.

First things first, you must have a great business structure, purpose, and plan. Secondly you need financing/capital. Then work on your style and design. Your logo should be so good it needs to be trademarked, that is correct, trademarked. You need to believe in your business so much that nothing can make you lose love for it. A great logo can create a belief that will help you with the strength, faith, and determination required to see it through. Once you get the perfect logo you need to promote it with advertising. The best advertising is word of mouth; a close second is your signage.

Having the perfect signage promotes your business 24/7; it must reflect your business purpose. Look at successful businesses and their logos. Immediately you know who they are and what they do, stand for, their purpose. And then there is lighting; another must for your business. There is no substitute for great lighting. It is so critical to a successful business. The psychology of lighting must be used to create the perfect space. Lighting influences behavior and can be a major factor of the success or failure of your business. You must be able to see clearly and have a positive experience while in a business. Too bright or too dark may cause customers to have negative feelings towards your products and services. This goes for restaurants, hotels, museums, department stores; the list goes on. If you can not see your food while dining, it is too dark! If you have to wear sunglasses because it is too bright and an aspirin is needed, well, you get the point.

This is where Tide & Country excels and shines, pun intended. We are specifically trained and have the experience to create the perfect space for you and your customers and to have the edge required to succeed. Professionals that engineer and design buildings are trained in lighting (Technical), but most are not trained in the psychology aspect of lighting. Engineering Psychology and human factoring are special training that many lighting professionals do not have. Therefore, we work with interior designers, architects, engineers, and decorators to create your baby. If your baby is already born (business is already created) and just needs some new clothes (lighting & signage) we can help. Whether it is coastal, rustic, or contemporary, we can make your space pleasing and inviting.

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