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Green is the new Blue! Green Collar Careers. 
Critical Shortage of Skilled Tradespeople

There is a huge debate on the subject, college vs trade school. What is the better route? The answer is both, it should not be one or the other. Reason is, it is up to the individual and their talent, interest, and ambition. If you just want a good job by going to school for a couple of years, then doctor, lawyer, and teacher is off the table. These take many of years to complete, and you need to have proven in high school that you enjoy the subjects to obtain the necessary degree. However, if you want to pursue the route to these professions, that is great, college is the way to achieve these goals.


But what about the high school student that has excelled in his or her favorite subject and college is not in their forecast. They would rather learn a trade as electrical, HVACR, plumbing, carpentry, welding, and so on. They can spend less money and time on their education and right after graduation, they are making good money.


There is a critical shortage of trade people and it is not looking any better. Many high schools have reduced or deleted their shop/industrial arts programs. If you have used a trade person lately you have paid the price for this shortage. Companies have no choice; it is a matter of supply and demand. Cost of materials have increased and with the labor pool so low, yes you guessed correctly, the wages have increased. It is not uncommon for the hourly rates to be as high of $150.00 for some trades in certain areas (coming to your area soon!).


Tide & Country sees this as being a national crisis that could affect the economy. We want to make a difference by helping students find their true calling: college or trade. We are pro trades but realize not everyone wants to learn a trade. Many of the old "blue collar" trades are becoming green. Electricians service and install solar panels and LED lights, HVACR companies are installing solar panels for the AC systems, and plumbing companies have solar water heaters; they have evolved and become "green".


We use our facility to bring students in and allow them to see if a trade is their desire. We have all the necessary equipment to show them the possibilities of learning a trade. We inform them of all the pros and cons of each route.


In addition, we offer these students the opportunity to write a short essay to have a spot as a paid intern each quarter for our company. Our goal is to reach as many students in our area, and have it spread across the United States.

We have a mission to deliver the best product to our customers. We also have a duty to help the next generation.

From the tides upon our shores, to deep within our great country, we are